Yimam Tesema Farm Profile

Contact details

Contact person:  Yimam Tesema
Phone:  +251910464840            +251 918063244
E-mail:  Kokeb.yimam@yahoo.com
Location:  Bahir Dar and Ayehu, Amhara Region
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Key Facts

Year of establishment:  1999
Land area:  20 ha
Main seed crops:  Hybrid maize and wheat
Volume (quintals):  1000 Q/year on average
GPS position:  10.37428,36.59205

Structure and Size of company

Board members:
Manager:  1
Technical staff:  2
Administrative staff:  1

Agro-ecology and climate

Altitude:  1100
Rainfall:  1200 on average
Temperature:  280 C
Irrigation potential:  None
Soiltype and pH:  Clay with PH of 6.5

Major activities

Hybrid maize and wheat seed production, processing and marketing.

Crop and variety portfolio

  • Pica flour
 Hybrid maize
  • BH-660
  • BH-661
  • BH-540
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety

Suppliers and Customers

Basic Seed suppliers  Research center, Ethiopian Seed Enterprise and private seed companies
Customers  Farmers and cooperatives

Diversification & Collaboration across boarders

We invite plant breeders /or seed companies to work in partnership. We seek exclusive rights and access to early generation seed, sign royalty agreements with breeders.


To be one of the leading and trustworthy seed enterprises in East Africa.