Taddesse Genna Farm

Contact details

Contact person:  Mr. Tadesse Genna
Phone:  +251911208915
E-mail:  tadesseg.hamde@gmail.com
Location:  Bale zone, Oromia region
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Key Facts

Year of establishment:  2004
Land area:  214 ha
Main seed crops:  Wheat, Malty barley & Black cumin
Volume (quintals):  1,500
GPS position:

Structure and Size of company

Board members:
Manager:  1
Technical staff:  3
Administrative staff:  2

Agro-ecology and climate

Altitude:  above 2200 masl
Rainfall:  Suitable
Temperature:  Suitable
Irrigation potential:  Low
Soiltype and pH:  Black Soil

Major activities


  • Seed Production and marketing
  • Grain production

Crop and variety portfolio

  • Qekeba
  • Qubsa
Malt Barley
  • Holker
  • Black Cumin
  • variety
  • variety

Suppliers and Customers

Basic Seed suppliers  Sinana Research center and Oromia Seed Enterprise
Customers  Commercial and small holder farmers

Diversification & Collaboration across boarders

Currently we are working with research center and Oromia Seed Enterprise for basic seed supply, bureau of agriculture for extension service and with other development partners. We are also seeking more partners from domestic and abroad to work with so as to contribute for agricultural productivity and food security of the country


As a seed producer, we have a vision to become one of high quality seed producers in the country.