Gadisa Gobena Farm

Contact details

Contact person:  Gadissa Gobena
Phone:  +251911 894535 or +251112365238
Location:  Ambo Town, West Shewa zone and OromiaRegion
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Key Facts

Year of establishment:  1996
Land area:  65ha
Main seed crops:  Maize, Wheat, Tef and Forage Seed
Volume (quintals):  1100
GPS position:  8.98999N, 37.86099E

Structure and Size of company

Board members:  2
Manager:  1
Technical staff:  5
Administrative staff:  3

Agro-ecology and climate

Altitude:  2135 masl
Rainfall:  Conducive
Temperature:  Conducive
Irrigation potential:  High
Soiltype and pH:  Black vertisol

Major activities

Seed production

Seed Processing&Marketing

Crop and variety portfolio

  • HAR3119
 Hybrid Maize
  • BH 660
  • AMH850
  • AMH760Q
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety
 Forage seed

Suppliers and Customers

Basic Seed suppliers  Bako National Maize Research Center, Debrezeit, Melkasa, Holota, Kulumsa and other research centers
Customers  Farmers, Cooperatives and Unions

Diversification & Collaboration across boarders

The company is seeking partnership in potato and onion seed production


We envisage a food self-sufficient society by using improved seeds