Company Profiles

Preface by the Board Chairman of ESA, Mr. Melaku Admassu

MelakuIn the Ethiopian Seed System, private, public, cooperative unions and farmers are involved in the production and supply of seed. The private companies and public seed enterprises have become more engaged in providing certified seed of improved crop varieties to small holder farmers. Furthermore,the Integrated Seed Sector Development Program (ISSD) is supporting the informal and formal as well as the intermediary seed sector in different national regional states, in order to enhance the supply of standard quality seed to the farmers.

A major part of the seed companies and seed producers in the formal seed sector are organized under the Ethiopian Seed Association (ESA), representing the interest of members on the national level and internationally. ESA has responded to their members needs by up-grading their knowledge and skills in seed production, distribution and trade, disseminate information, facilitate communications among members, promote partnership with relevant stakeholders and enhance the standards of business ethics. Currently there are more than 50 national companies and some multinationals operating in the country, contributing to the seed business development in Ethiopia. With the growing seed sector, it has become mandatory to produce concise business profile among the seed chain actors in the country so as to promote their produces at national, continental, and global markets.

The BENEFIT Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Ethiopia program, as part of the Strategy Plan for strengthening the Ethiopia Seed Association, has supported the design, collection of data and publication of the profiles of the engaged companies. This will assist the seed companies in their promotion activities, strengthening the business-to-business links and partnerships, across the boarders.  It will also help to facilitate new business relationships that support seed business of individual member companies and the economic development of the country.

This company profile includes 24 seed companies and seed producers (six from Amhara, seven from Oromia, four from Southern and two from Tigray National Regional States) and four from public seed enterprises who have timely submitted their company profile. The rest will be included in the forthcoming.

It is felt that this profile would have paramount contribution for all seed chain actors and stakeholders in the country as well as foreign companies interested to run joint seed business with local companies in Ethiopian.