Bayhe Mekonnen

Contact details

Contact person:  Bayihe Mekonnen
Phone:  +251 918354376               +251 911594910
Location:  Bure, Amhara Region
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Key Facts

Year of establishment:  2006
Land area:  400 ha
Main seed crops:  Maize and red pepper
Volume (quintals):  3000 Q/year on average
GPS position:  10.35470,36.59079

Structure and Size of company

Board members:
Manager:  1
Technical staff:  10
Administrative staff:  9

Agro-ecology and climate

Altitude:  2015 masl
Rainfall:  1300 mm
Temperature:  22 Co
Irrigation potential:
Soiltype and pH:  Clay loam with PH 5.5

Major activities

Seed production, processing and marketing

Crop and variety portfolio

Hybrid maize
  • BH – 660
  • BH – 540
  • BH – 543
Red Pepper
  • Marko fana
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety
  • variety

Suppliers and Customers

Basic Seed suppliers  Bureau of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Centers
Customers  Farmers

Diversification & Collaboration across boarders


  • Interested to diversify crops and varieties
  • Crops selected for diversification: sorghum and haricot bean
  • Interested to work with other national and international companies


Produce quality seed, contributingto increased food security and be competitive on the international market