Amuari High yielding Varieties & Agri. Products P.L.C.

Contact details

Contact person:  Ato Amaha Abreham/Demissie Mitiku
Phone:  +251 911362780/+251911973201
Location:  Ada’a Woreda East Shewa Zone Oromia Region
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Key Facts

Year of establishment:  2012
Land area:  200 ha
Main seed crops:  Wheat, Tef and Chickpea
Volume (quintals):  500 tons
GPS position:  LAT 8.66174, LON 39.0562

Structure and Size of company

Board members:  10
Manager:  1
Technical staff:  2
Administrative staff:  2

Agro-ecology and climate

Altitude:  2189 m
Rainfall:  860 mm rainfall/annum
Temperature:  Mean annual temperature ranges from about 8–28ºC
Irrigation potential:  high potential
Soiltype and pH:  Black Soil

Major activities

Seed production, processing and marketing

Crop and variety portfolio

  • Qaqaba
  • Quncho
  • Boset
  • Tseday
  • Shasho
  • Arerti
  • Ejere
  • Teketay
  • variety
  • variety

Suppliers and Customers

Basic Seed suppliers  Debrezeit Agricultural Research Center
Customers  Farmers, BoA and NGOs

Diversification & Collaboration across boarders

The producer has high interest to collaborate with international and national organizations in areas that contributes to achieve its vision


To see Amuari High yielding varieties and Agricultural products PLC as the center of excellence and role model of its kind so as to bring about significant changes and increase in the Ethiopian agriculture transformation and beyond