Management team

Ethiopian Seed Association (ESA) is  represented by a Board of Directors composed of five members. The management team is elected every two years in the annual general meeting of the Association.  An executive director with accountant, cashier, and an expert will run the day-to-day duties of the ESA. The current board members are:

Board Members

  • Mr. Melaku Admasu:                    Board Chairman      Pioneer Hibred Seed Ethilopia PLC
  • Dr. Tesfaye Kumsa:                       Vice-Chairman          Anno Agro-Industry
  • Mr. Fekade G/Meskel                    Secretary                    Nonno Agricultural Development 
  • Mr. Adane W. Yohannes:               Auditor                        Ethio Agri-CEFT
  • Mr. Gadissa Gobena                       Finance                        Gadissa Gobena Farm
  • Dr. Benti Tolessa:                            Member                      Anno Agro-Industry