ESA studied a policy constraint on seed sector investment and briefly put summary of the report in Amharic version  naming “ የግሉ-የዘር-ዘርፍ-ኢንቭስትመንት-ማነቆዎችና መወሰድ የሚገባቸው የመፍትሄ እርምጃዎች (አጭር መግለጫ)to be used by its members and partners.  This document is a brief summary of the main study document subsequently found on this web site by the title “An Assessment and Identification of Policy Constraints to Private Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia” and covers the overall policy challenges of seed business investment and options for improvement that have been agreed up on stakeholders of different levels. This document is presented to Ministry of Agriculture and most of the improvement options forwarded by study are becoming part of the interventions of the Ministry and are put under plan for implementation. The association believes that the report will help seed business environment and the policy makers in an effort to improve seed business investment enhancing in the country.


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